Church group spreading the word to revellers

April 08, 2018
Members of the Ekklesia Bible Fellowship gathering bottles of water to give to revellers.

In the midst of the Road March, members of the Ekklesia Bible Fellowship are issuing bottles of their Living Water to gyrating revellers.

The group has been doing this for the past seven years.

"We are not here to march against the carnival festivities but to build relationship with people for Jesus Christ. The Lord said we should go in the world and seek souls and that we are doing. We are not self righteous," said Leroy Montique.

Their inspirational pamphlets or tracks also caught the attention of several masqueraders who took a read as they bounced to the pulsating music from the Bacchanal Jamaica trucks.

"Jesus was a friend of everyone and was called a friend of prostitutes and wine giver. He was seen among people who many would deem as sinners so we are taking the same approach as him. Sitting inside the church halls doesn't always win souls," said Montique.

Admitting that he is unaware of any conversion or change of faith, Montique told The STAR that they will not be discouraged because salvation sometimes takes time.
"When we give these waters and tracks some people may think it's a waste of time, but one will never know that just one sentence on that track can change a life forever," he said.