Big money scam

February 15, 2018


Big up who fi big up and bless up who fi bless up. Di usual spec to all Ragashanti Live listeners. Bless up unuh self.

Met time:

Di Loan

A woman in Jamaica have a long time female friend who she lend J$800,000 fi deal wid a medical emergency. The woman nuh rich, but years ago har fren was there for her in serious times. She did a go through some terrible vibes wid di man weh she deh wid at di time, and di fren did put har up and hide har from di man fi several months until she coulda figure har way out. Because she memba dat, she say when di fren needed di loan she was willing fi find di money fi help har.

Anyways, di woman and har hubby tek a likkle vacay to New York. While there, dem a walk pon Fifth Avenue, and lo an behold, she see di fren weh she lend di money a come outta one super expensive designer store wid a white man, wid di two a dem hand full a shopping bags, presumably wid tings weh dem buy. Di fren face stop laugh and tek on a shocked expression. She clearly neva did a expect fi see di woman who she borrow di money from.




Di two woman dem exchange very awkward greetings, while di two man dem did jovial and relaxed, cause di man dem neva know wah a gwaan. Afta both couples separated di woman tell har hubby bout di J$800,000 weh she lend di fren. Di hubby get bex and say mek dem go back go ask di fren wah really a gwaan? But di woman tell him fi lowe it till dem drop back a Jamaica.

When she reach back a Jamaica, she neva did haffi call di fren cause she did have whole heap a messages from di fren a ask har fi call har as soon as she return to Jamaica.

She call di fren, and right away di fren say she nuh fi feel say she have money and still a borrow money from har cause a di man did a spend all a di money. She also tell har she a go pay har in a month. Di woman tell di fren all right and dat she mus call har as soon as she get di money fi pay back di loan.




Dat was seven months ago, and all now she nuh get back a cent outta di money weh she lend. Not even a call she nuh get from di fren.

Di woman start do har investigating and find out a bunch a tings weh she neva know. She find out say di fren drive a late model Audi SUV and live inna a very nice house up a Red Hills. She deh wid di Italian man, and a regula him come Jamaica fi see har, and a regula she fly out fi see him. She ongle wear supa expensive clothes and shoes but she dress casually cheap and tek taxi when she a go roun certain people, like di woman who lend har di money. So di whole ting look scammish.

Di woman talk to some a har other fren dem bout it and some say di fren a scamma, while some say it possible say she bruk fi true and did really need di money fi a medical emergency, and dat har Italian man coulda really a pay fi everything. In any case, she say she need fi siddung and have a full conversation wid di fren fi find out how har J$800,000 a go.

All right, cutmentz again. Send mi unuh drama dem at See unuh next Thursday same place ya so. Bless up unuh self.


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