Sweetest taboo

June 05, 2018

For many Jamaicans, sex is very straight-forward, with very clear rules of engagement who gets to participate, how it's done, the appropriate locations, even the appropriate time of day.

While much of these rules are still considered relevant, many of the sexual acts once considered taboo are not only mainstream, they are necessities in some relationships.


Oral Sex


Today, the overall attitude has shifted from 'bad man don't bow' to 'to each his own'. I think this is a good thing because oral sex is something that many couples are not only participating in, it has increased the amount of pleasure that they enjoy together. It's also a great tool to help improve the intimacy and overall trust in the relationship.




Now, there are so many men that have been able to fulfil this fantasy. Threesomes have been birthday gifts for several happy recipients, although the consequences are not always positive.


Anal Sex


It's hard to pinpoint exactly when it started, but many heterosexual Jamaicans have started engaging in anal sex an act that was thought to only happen in male homosexual relationships. As a matter of fact, I have personally spoken to women who enjoy anal sex so much, they have decided to 'give their vaginas a vacation'.




The Fifty Shades series have brought BDSM out of the dark dungeon and into the mainstream. Since then, many couples have invested in various harnesses and cuffs so that they too can indulge in the forbidden pleasures that bondage provides.


Use of Sex Toys


Sex toys were once thought of as the sexual companions of the lonely and the undesirable. Today, many couples are enjoying them as tools to add some extra fun to their sexual relationship. The great thing about toys is that the options are so wide, there's something for literally any type of couple. I have encouraged the use of toys in relationships, and I have seen how they help couples to overcome issues from communication to sexual intimacy.

I think it's a great omen that so many Jamaicans are expanding their pleasure options. As we learn more about ourselves sexually, the possibilities will only increase, so with an open mind, we can have very sexually satisfying results.

So learn something new, try a different location, and be more adventurous with your sexual experiences.

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