What do Jamaican men want?

August 28, 2018

One of my favourite things about a Jamaican man is his swag, or confidence. I don't care what he looks like or how much money he has, he thinks he is the ultimate catch, and if a woman doesn't want him, it's her loss.

I have some issues with some of the cultural norms that influence their behaviour, but mostly, I am a fan.

So I was having a heated conversation with my male friends over drinks, and as usual, the topic was centred on relationships.

Everyone had an opinion about all the things that women were not doing or what they needed to start doing to keep them coming home.

They all tried to justify why women need to accept that they will be cheated on and the adjustments they need to make to make sure men stay faithful.

There is a clear difference between what women think men want in a partner and what men actually want.

There is a movie coming out soon staring Taraji P Henson called What Men Want, which has the actress navigating her ability to read men's minds. I can't wait to see it.




Short of reading their minds, what are some of the things that men look for when it comes to a long-term partner?

With women becoming more educated, having more responsibility at work, and making more money, the traditional dynamic of a relationship has changed and it is not very seamless.

So many men still expect their women to perform domestic duties for them even though they have full work days and are financially stable.

This is a big part of our conversations because so many of these guys say that they love an independent woman but that she "needs to let him be the man".

They still want to be catered to, have their meals cooked, and hold the 'head of the household' role.

It's easy to see how having traditional expectations in a modern world is challenging, but I always believe that each couple can write its own rules.

There are ways for both partners to work a full day and still make time to take care of the house and have fun with each other.

I just think it's important to be authentic and find the person who complements you. Relationship rules are never fixed, and there will always be the need for adjustments.

The important thing is to know what you're looking for and be bold enough to go find it.

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