Think before posting on social media


January 22, 2019

I don't know about you, but it seems that my social media timelines have been filled with happy couples getting engaged, married and having babies. I think it's absolutely entertaining to see all the various creative ways that these couples have been expressing their joy and how they relate to each other. It gets even better when they start to share all the various milestones of their relationships from anniversaries to baby showers, and everything in between. I must admit, some of them have some beautiful babies, and it's nice to see how happy they seem in their lives.

I am a fan of social media. I use the apps daily for various reasons both business and personal. But I have always been deliberate about what I share on my pages. I find it interesting that some persons share every detail of their lives, down to all their daily activities.

As a spectator, it's great to see the daily posts of regular people and how they go through their daily lives. With all the pretty photos and awesome posts, sometimes it can seem like it's all too good to be true and raise some suspicion.

So how much of it is actually true? When it comes to our lives, how much is too much to share on social media?

I think that individuals get to decide how much they want to share. However, I don't think they understand that sharing comes with consequences some that they may not like or want to deal with.

Here are some things to consider:

Once you post it, it's fair game

Some persons are devastated when they make a post and people don't respond to it the way they expected. Anyone can comment, and they will not always say something complimentary.

Perverts have social media access, too

Some parents are so proud of their cute babies. Sometimes they over share and post photos of them in the bath, and are very traumatised when they realise that the photos are viewed by shady characters. To these parents I will say, limit your posts to photos that will not be embarrassing to your child if they see them when they get older.

There is no such thing as privacy

No matter how you set your privacy settings on your page, once shared, your post is not completely private. Your followers can take a screenshot and share it with someone else, and so on. If it's a secret, perhaps you shouldn't share it on social media.

Social media apps are tools, and they can be both effective and problematic based on how they are used. Keep that in mind as you decide how much of your life you want to share online. In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy the show.

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