Do something special for the men this Valentine’s Day

February 12, 2019

It’s February again, and of course, that means there’s love in the air because it’s almost Valentine’s Day. Everywhere we look, there’s something available to show your love to that special someone – from the teddy bear-lined sidewalks to all the packages and deals advertised everywhere.

A quick glance of the offerings will indicate that most of the items available are designed for women. But what about the men?

For a long time, women have gotten away with pretty much gifting sex to their partners on special occasions, but it seems that men are not accepting that alone as presents anymore. I recently watched a video on Instagram with comedian @deno_crazy expressing his annoyance with this ‘gift’.

“Everyday unnu git up, man a get front! Valentine’s Day a come. Mi nuh waan nuh front,” he screamed into the camera between tears.

“Man waan go a Bahamas, man waan guh pon yacht!”

“Mi waan rose, mi waan cup wid teddy bear pan it”

“Mi waan go out!”

“Black history month, mi a get front, Christmus mi a get front, every holiday!”

“Mi nuh waan nuh front!”

After I recovered from the bout of laughter that I was thrown into, I started thinking about the sentiment of the video.


It is true that most of the time, special occasions really focus on the woman and most of the gifts are for her as well. It’s also true that most men are not really interested in Valentine’s Day gifts, but I bet it would feel really nice to receive a gift that shows how much he’s loved. So let’s do something special for the men we love this Valentine’s Day.

Of course, most of the gifts are for women, there are a few options that men would like. It’s also nice to be personal and get him something that he would personally appreciate, even if you have to get creative. Find out his favourite things and create something that he will love!

I know there are some people who don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day or any special occasion for that matter. Mostly because they feel that they don’t need a holiday to feel special or to do something for their partner. Personally, I think special occasions are a reminder that we can be nicer to each other, because we tend to take each other for granted and some of us need a reminder to stop and do something to show appreciation to our partners. So make the most of them, and know that you don’t have to only do special things on special occasions. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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