Chronixx not so pleased with prison gift? Singer speaks in parables

October 05, 2015

Months after receiving an unexpected backlash from Jamaicans for a "wasteman" comment that many thought were geared towards Barack Obama, many are wondering what Reggae Singer Chronixx has to say about the new prison the British government has promised Jamaica.

Six months after President Barack Obama visited Jamaica, the British Prime Minister, David Cameron set foot on the island last week.

Cameron's visit will long be etched in the minds of Jamaicans as he took the time to unveil plans for a J$4.4 billion prison gift which has left scores of Jamaicans disgruntled.

Now, a number of persons are wondering, "where is Chronixx when you need him?"

But the Capture Land singer, is not risking anything this time around. He has since remained tight lipped on the issue.

Or has he?

Chronixx made a post on his Facebook page which many believe is pertaining to the issue.

"I'm thinking....all of what is happening in our music. Cyaah seh wi Neva warn. In the end we played our part....we were very instrumental in the warning of the peoples...literally! And we are very happy that many heard and prepared their minds and hearts. 'The system you defend start break down like a leggo'," wrote Chronixx.

Perhaps fearing another backlash, the singer added:

"At least I don't make the front page of the gleaner when I talk in parables lol!"

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