Fabian Marley suffers health scare

November 18, 2015
Fabian Marley

Reggae singer Fabian Marley suffered a medical scare on Monday, and is currently recovering from the incident.

The STAR has learnt that the singer was taken to the Kingston Public Hospital

yesterday morning after falling ill on Monday.

Clayton Thomas, the singer's manager, said that the entertainer started vomiting on Monday evening and after showing no signs of improvement, the decision was made to seek medical attention.

"He started vomiting, he had diarrhoea, and a high fever all night," he said. "In the morning we saw that things weren't getting better so we took him to the hospital, where the doctors confirmed that he was suffering from food poisoning. He is OK now. He is not on any medication because the doctors were able to treat his condition with antibiotic injections," he said.

But Thomas said he also suspects some level of foul play.

"We believe he was poisoned deliberately and that it was done by someone very close to him," he explained. "I think the person that did it was paid off by someone else, and it's all happening because people are bad mind."

Based on the timing and how well he believes Fabian is doing, Thomas said he does not believe it was an accident.

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