Been Bad rhythm getting heavy rotation

February 11, 2016
Kirk Thuglas

Florida-based artiste/producer Kirk Thuglas is now reaping the success of his hard work with his latest project, the 'Been Bad' rhythm.

Featuring artistes such as Bounty Killer, Pressure, Anthony B, Chico, Iyara and himself, Thuglas told THE STAR that the rhythm has been getting heavy rotation in the Caribbean, Brazil and Europe.

"It's been racking up thousands of views on YouTube. Bounty Killer's song is also the same title as the rhythm and it is really the breakout song from the rhythm. Since the release, a lot of artistes have been linking me to voice on the rhythm, but I already closed it off," he


He said Shelly Belly has even created a dance for the rhythm, and that videos to accompany his single, War Is On, as well as Bounty Killer's song, will be out soon. He noted that the Been Bad rhythm has the authentic dancehall vibes that fans have been longing for.

"It's a good look. I've known Bounty Killer for many years and I'm just happy with the progress that my career is making. Right now, I'm putting in the work and ardently pursuing my career," Thuglas said.

Thuglas is also featured on Downsound Records' Far Out rhythm with his song Energy, and is hoping that this new rhythm will ignite dancehall fans' passion for authentic beats.

"I was frustrated with the music industry at one point, but since creating the Been Bad rhythm, I realise that dancehall music can reach another level. The only problem is that the marketing strategy is not there. But my record label, K1 ENT, is putting in the work to get dancehall back to where it should be," he said.

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