I was not bottled - Tanto Blacks

February 12, 2016
File Tanto Blacks

With stories circulating that he was bottled at a show in Toronto, Canada last week, dancehall artiste Tanto Blacks is now clearing the air, telling THE WEEKEND STAR that there is no truth to the rumours.

"Destruction and badmind a try come our way, but me want know we badmind a go. Weh cruff a go? Mi just a try maintain my rich and stay rich, but me just a stay focused," he said.

He added that unscrupulous individuals have been trying to tarnish his name and his brand.

"Right now, me not even want talk bout it. But dem a try offa me. Dem know say as me talk bout people, dem get rich, but dem need fi go get rich by demself. Mi a make them know say it nah go work. God a go beat dem bad," he told THE WEEKEND STAR He also urged his fans to pay no attention to his detractors.

"Anything happen, unuh a go know. Mi nuh hide things, me a real yute. If unuh nuh hear it from my mouth, it nuh go so. We nuh listen to badmind people, we keep it positive and keep it going. All if a $100 me have, mi real rich. Badmind fi go dung."

In the meantime, the artiste is currently promoting his Real, Real Rich and Stinking Rich singles. The video for Real, Real Rich will be released next week, while Stinking Rich will follow in the upcoming weeks.

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