Kapri makes waves with My Shorty

February 17, 2016
Contributed Kapri

Dancehall artiste Kapri is now seeking to make his mark on the entertainment industry.

Born Dwayne Wallace, Kapri attended Pembroke Hall Primary School where he was an avid member of the school's choir; but even then, he had no clue that music was his calling.

Later, he moved on to Pembroke Hall High School, and it was there that he and others around him started to realise the talent that he had.


With this in mind, Kapri joined forces with producer Sean 'Seanizzle' Reid, who encouraged him to ardently pursue music. Kapri took the advice and started to make appearances at various concerts and stage shows. He recalls the tremendous feedback from the crowds and it was this that propelled his decision to become a professional recording artiste.

Two years later, Kapri and Seanizzle reunited. He introduced Kapri to producer/recording artiste Mr G, who urged him to enter a deejay competition titled 'Battle Thursdays'. Kapri walked away as the winner of the battle two consecutive times.

In 2008, Kapri got favourable response with the release of his Dear Mama single on Seanizzle's Creeper rhythm. The song got great rotation on several local radio stations and was also featured on Chris Gold Finger's UK Chart.

Currently in the United States, Kapri is looking forward to advancing his musical career. He recently released My Shorty, produced by Orlando 'Parana' Coke, a fusion between his Jamaican roots and urban pop beat. The video, directed by David 'Lucky' King, is also set to be released in the upcoming weeks.

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