Producers at odds over rhythm

February 22, 2016
File Christopher Birch
Contributed Frass Out

Young producer Frass Out from Frass Out Records has accused veteran producer Christopher Birch of Birchill Records of stealing their Moscato rhythm released in 2015.

According Frass Out, Birch both copied his rhythm and stole the name.

Birch's Moscato rhythm was released this year and features Tifa, Konshens, Vershon, among others, while Frass Out's Moscato rhythm features Savage, Rhyme Minsta, Gully Bop, among others.

Frass Out is asking that Birch change the name of his rhythm or face legal action.

"This morning, I was listening to Nikki Z playing and she said next was the Moscato rhythm, so I thought Nikki Z was going to play my rhythm, but, to my surprise, she played a rhythm from Birch with the same name. I then went on and noticed that it was spelt the same way. Anybody who uses the Internet can see that mine was uploaded first and my work has been copy written," he told The STAR.

legal action

Frass Out says young producers are always being exploited by the veterans, however, he did not anticipate his present situation.

"As a young producer, I don't expect this from a big producer like Birch, plus the rhythm has the same flavour and party vibes like mine. I am taking a stand because I cannot allow him to take my glory. I would like him to change the name of the rhythm or face legal action," he said.

Frass Out also said the release of his Moscato rhythm was a partnership between his record label and the liquor brand. The STAR did its own check on and it was observed that there were two different rhythms titled Moscato, one accredited to Birchill.

When contacted, Birch said he would change the spelling of his rhythm to Moskato, using the letter K to differentiate. He also said he was clueless about the existence of another rhythm with the same name.

"Nobody nuh own nuh name. It's the sound of the rhythm that makes it work. Mi a guh mek him gwaan wid di name, but I don't even know what his rhythm sounds like. Him cannot carry mi guh court. A nuh suh music guh. If yu a look a buss inna music, don't go this route, youth," Birch said.

Birch is known for a slew of hit rhythms, including The Military and Stage Time, among others.

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