Superheroes and Priests take over dancehall?

March 22, 2016

Social media is in shambles as party goers have given a new name to dancehall.

The Justice League and Temple are two of the titles that have been put forward by social media users in recent times as young adults can now be seen decked out in capes, overalls and gowns mimicking superheroes and priests.

And though the vibrant Jamaicans are known to be a trendy people, this one has been rubbing the majority the wrong way.

“And they strike again! Boy me just can't bodda really! These super heroes need some people to rescue to occupy their time. Dem too free!! Superman and Batman always have sumtn fi do. So me can't undastan! Kmt cho #‎DoYourWork,” commented one annoyed Facebook user.

Another posted: “A Moment of silence... Break the chain of generational curse Lord!! Even now I beg and ask of you! AMEN.”

And then there are those who are urging the creation of a dislike option.

“Just done chat wid Zuckerberg cause him need fi work little faster on the "DisLike button" and “Everytime I activate back my Facebook I can never last 5 days good because of the picture them weh me keep on a see on here. Me TEMPTED FI COMMENT AND SAY ‘Come Man Delete This Yuh Nuh Look Good" BUT U C because me cyah fight, me affi deh yah and humble. But mark my words when me seh the ‘Dislike Button’ a come yer.”

It is unsure where the new look came from but people are ready and willing to send it right back.

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