Macka, Unycorn turn to God for hit song

April 20, 2016
Patrick Planter/ Photographer Macka Diamond and Unycorn during an interview with The STAR at the Gleaner's North Street offices.
Patrick Planter/ Photographer Macka Diamond and Unycorn during an interview with The STAR at the Gleaner's North Street offices.

Tired of seeing nakedness dominating dancehall music, Macka Diamond has embarked on a mission to reorder the entertainment industry, and with Unycorn by her side, the Cow Foot artiste says she is prepared to be led by the Holy Spirit even as she searches for the next big hit.

Though this isn't her first time dabbling in gospel music, Macka believes that this collaboration, Praise God, is the much-needed revival that the dancehall space needs.

"Too much of those dancehall songs were getting to me. I mean, me like some a dem, but to be honest, the industry needed something different, something more solid. It never make sense fi me go back pon the road wid the same kinda songs," Macka told THE STAR.

"There is no originality in the music. Even if you have a good song, you have to be going out there with some naked tings and some lewdness fi try get attention. Mi a try do some things weh we nuh haffi resort to that."

For Unycorn, the dancehall space is badly in need of more wholesome content.

recent baptism

"Dem put the song inna the 'girls juggling' segment and the girls dem a bruk out and have dem foot up inna the air. We haffi stop the selector and tell him say fi put it inna the regular juggling because a nuh da kinda vibes deh we want," he said, making reference to one of the events he attended.

Praise God comes against the background of recent baptism of a former dancehall hardcore artiste, Lady Saw, who now goes by her birth name Marion Hall.

Macka Diamond, an equally raunchy customer, told THE STAR that Praise God seeks to introduce a religious vibe to the dancehall space.

"The Holy Spirit and God is all over. We know this song is going to take off, and wherever it leads me (I will go)," she said.

Ironically, in 2013, explicit photos from Macka's Dye Dye video shoot of her seemingly receiving oral sex from a male made their way to social media. Fans immediately began bashing the artiste for the vulgar content.

Now, with a new outlook, both Macka Diamond and Unycorn have even gone into the church to promote the song.

"We performed it inside the church and even when we a leave the crusade, the pastor take the mic and start to sing the song," Unycorn stated.

A member of the Greater Works International Fellowship, one of the churches Macka and Unycorn performed the song, said there was mixed reception for the performance.

"She's not yet rooted in the word of God, she's still young in the gospel, so it was a mixed reaction. She was invited to come and they performed the song. Some of the members were dancing, while some just stood listening," he said.

Meanwhile, Unycorn believes that the song can be played anytime, anywhere. And for Macka, Praise God is a song that can "bring back good music" as entertainers will now be forced to follow their lead and produce similar types of songs.

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