NexChange waiting on God for the big break through

May 20, 2016

Oral Reid, more popularly known as NexChange, believes he was made for the stage.

"I've always been expressive," said Reid, who now aims to transfer his performance skills to a musical stage.

Reid used to attend Glad Tidings Open Bible Church in Spanish Town before moving to Kingston. Conveniently for Reid, there was a church just down the road from where he was to live.

"Maverly Gospel Hall that's where I got involved," Reid told THE WEEKEND STAR.

He started hanging out with a group of young men who spent most of their time on the church grounds. "We would close the church gates at night," Reid said with nostalgia.

This group of friends decided they would start an arts ministry in the church.

"This included dancing, singing, and all these things," he smiled proudly.

"I was the one they always chose to do the more dramatic-type things," he laughed.

After a few years, Reid developed a desire to join the choir. This led to increased involvement in church activities. As a pioneer of the Maverly Gospel Hall arts ministry programme, Reid found himself making moves he hadn't anticipated.

"A lot of doors opened for me," Reid told THE WEEKEND STAR.

He started recording music as a gospel deejay in 2008, but the love of drama didn't leave him.

While actively pursuing a career as an artiste, Reid continued ministering in another art form. He was cast in two locally produced films, one called Just Another Friday, and the second called The Gift Everlasting. It was this penchant for drama that led to him starring in two Jamaican-made films. The great reception of the films in the Christian community brought the talents of Reid to the attention of the Patch Music management team.

"I believe this is the right partnership for me," Reid said.


Reid released his first album in March to international critical acclaim. He was nominated for the International Deejay of the Year Award this year by Love Gospel Station based in Brooklyn.

"I didn't win, but it feels really good to be acknowledged among great people," he said.

With this nomination under his belt, Reid is ready and rearing to go as he works on his album for release later this year. "Praying For The Nation is coming soon. I'm working on it," he said confidently.

For his next achievement, he hopes to be able to collaborate with the likes of gospel veterans Papa San, Prodigal Son, and DJ Nicholas.

"There's a whole lot I want to do. I'm just waiting on God to open the doors so I can go through them," he said.

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