Mr G sells stakes in Blakkman's contract

May 25, 2016
Mr G

Overseas-based label Island Jams Records. has made a deal with iconic recording artiste Mr G, to buy up-and-coming recording artiste Blakkman out of his contract.

Chief Financial Officer at Island Jams, Sherone Joseph, says the decision to buy the artiste out of the contract was inevitable since Blakkman no longer wants to work with Mr G, especially since the recent controversy and death threat allegations.

"Mr G and Island Jams have come to an agreement to buy the artiste out of the contract. It now means Island Jams will manage Blakkman fully, and keep pushing his career as we have been doing diligently for the past year," she said.

Joseph said the label did not intend to push Mr G out of the picture. "It was never our intention to push Mr G out of the deal, we wanted to join forces with him and provide a strong support team that can get the artiste the recognition he deserves. Now that Mr G has decided to give up his end of the deal Island Jams does not get any more or less. Also, Island Jams did not see Mr G with the artiste and decide to run in. We were actually working with Blakkman behind the scenes before he signed with Mr G...we are not the type of label that is looking for recognition. We just want to help the artiste and give him the deserved exposure," she said.

Mr G who recently vowed to keep Blakkman under contract, told THE STAR that he had a change of heart because of the negative energy. He also said his interest to help young artistes has not changed because of the situation.

"Mi nuh work round bad energy. We helped many young artistes before Blakkman and so this situation will not change my intentions to bring young artistes to the forefront. But to every artiste out there just remember to show gratitude because there is a thing out there called karma and she knows what to do. I wish Blakkman and Dexta Daps all the best. Who knew Dexta Daps before 7/11? I am the one who took him to record that," he said.

The artiste was, however, reluctant to disclose how much did he sell his 20 percent share in the contract for.



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