A'mari, Dr Love interview ends in fight

June 07, 2016
Gully Bop and A'mari.
Dr Love

Even after Gully Bop has been removed from the equation, A'mari, his estranged girlfriend, still finds herself in the spotlight, this time, in a physical altercation over him with overseas-based dancehall artiste Dr Love over the weekend.

What started out as a seemingly normal radio interview at a New Jersey restaurant involving A'mari and Dr Love rapidly became physical when A'mari threw a beverage and a bucket of ice at the artiste. As if that does not seem horrific enough, things got more intense as Dr Love retaliated, punching A'mari's son squarely in the face as he sought to intervene.

The whole debacle was caught on tape.

When THE STAR spoke with Dr Love, he sought to "clear the air".

"Me send one a my friend dem fi go take Gully Bop from A'mari because she did want send him go jail. At the end of the interview, she a say me take back one of the most valuable things out of her life and she want back Gully Bop," he began. "After that, she take up a bottle of soda and flash it pon me. Then she take up a big bucket and throw it pon me, and that's when me start to attack she now. That's when her son a come to me, and that's why mi thump him inna him mouth and the whole thing get out a control."

According to Dr Love, the reason for the dispute is because of his alleged intervention in the relationship between A'mari and Gully Bop. He claims to have had no choice but to 'save' Gully Bop from what he calls A'mari's sinister wrath by sending a friend to "take him out" of the what he says was a potentially detrimental situation for him.

"Gully Bop did want to leave from around her because he was not safe where he was," Dr Love said. "Best thing me can do as another entertainer a see how best mi can help him."

So far, no charges have yet been laid against either party in the matter. Several attempts to reach A'mari for comment have proved futile.

Gully Bop returned to Jamaica from the United States last week, signalling an end to a rocky relationship between himself and A'mari.

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