Aidonia gets back US visa permit returned after being revoked six years ago

June 09, 2016
File Aidonia

... Work permit returned after being

revoked six years ago

Six years after the United States visas of several dancehall artistes were revoked, including that of Aidonia, the 'Boring Gal' entertainer is now counting his blessings after being issued a work permit yesterday.

Raymond 'Shadow' Small, Aidonia's publicist, said not being able to travel to the United States had a significant impact on Aidonia's earning potential in the past few years.

"Of course, it affected his earning. As you know, US is a major market especially as it relates to reggae and dancehall, but, thankfully, because he has some solid hits under his belt, those hits were able to transcend into other markets and he was able to sustain himself through those songs," Small told THE STAR yesterday.

Aidonia, as well as fellow Jamaican entertainers Sizzla, Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, and Mavado were stripped of their US visas in 2010. The United States Embassy did not state the reason for the cancellation of the visas.


Mavado was subsequently re-issued with a US visa.

Small yesterday also said that the embassy did not give a definite reason for the revocation of Aidonia's work permit six years ago.

Aidonia, meanwhile, said that being re-issued with a visa is a bittersweet moment for him.

"It's a great feeling and a blessing! Words can't even explain how mi feel. It's been a sombre time for the team since the death of Doukie, but this just come like a blessing right now," he told THE STAR.

Aidonia's friend and member of promotional team, Lamar Doukie, recently died in a motor vehicle crash. He was buried on Sunday.

But with some of his biggest songs being released in the last two years, including Boring Gal and Jockey, the artiste says he is now ready to extend his reach to the US market.

"USA never really get fi see me fi promote all those songs, but right now, I can't wait to get out there and see the people. I just want to be able to promote my music and perform for my fans," he said.

Though he has no set date in mind to travel to the US, Aidonia said fans in that country could see him as early as month end.

"I'm leaving for Belize today for a week, and then we'll be working to set up some promotional tours for the fans," Aidonia said.

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