Child agency frowns on boy doing 'Bruk Back' …Razor B says child was having fun

September 23, 2016
Razor B
File Rochelle Dixon
Razor B

Razor B says child was having fun

The Child Development Agency (CDA) has taken issue with the now viral video of a young boy wining and twerking to Razor B's 'Bruk Back', and is seeking to have the video removed from the Internet.

The clip, a little more than one-minute long, shows the child gyrating to the song, while being cheered on by women in the background. He is seen twerking and wining to the song, and, then on instructions of the females, he jumps and splits, and continues to shake his buttocks.

However, the dance moves being displayed by the child did not sit well with communications manager for the CDA, Rochelle Dixon. She told THE WEEKEND STAR that the actions are inappropriate for the child, who appears to be no older than nine years old, and might expose him to sexual predators.

"It is very unfit for a child to be doing that kind of dance move. It seems the child would have been taught to do this, which is very inappropriate, and we would want for parents to understand that this is not funny," Dixon said.

So far the video has amassed over 22,000 views, and this, Dixon said, places the child in grave danger, especially because his face was showing.

"For persons who are paedophiles, seeing a little boy dancing in that way, it would then give them the idea that this is a child who looks attractive or enticing, and they might approach him if they see him on the street," she said.

The agency is now working in collaboration with the police to have the video removed from the Internet.




"In these situations we communicate with the cybercrimes unit and tell them that we think the video is inappropriate, then they will be able to track to see who posted the video, and see if they can get the video removed from the site," she explained.

Meanwhile, Dixon is advising parents to be mindful of their children's safety, and is encouraging them to engage their children in child friendly activities.

"If you want your child to be involved in dancing, there are different schools that are in place that could teach your child appropriate dances. Don't cheer on the child to dance the way they see in the dancehall," she said.

Everton Hannan, president of the National Parent-Teacher Association, shared a similar view, saying the dance moves were not age or gender appropriate.

"The gyrating and going down on the floor, those kinds of dance is really inappropriate for a child. Plus, I don't know that men do those kinds of dance," Hannan said.

He argued that parents need to be more careful about the material to which they expose their children.

However, Razor B, the artiste who sang Bruk Back, said he sees nothing wrong with the child dancing in such a manner, opining that the youngster was simply having fun.

"A nuh because a my song, and it's not because one of my dancers create the dance. The song is not inappropriate, and the dance is not inappropriate, so what's inappropriate if a little child or adult is doing it?" Razor B questioned.

"He probably doesn't even know the difference between 'Bruk Back', 'Butterfly', 'Kreech' or any other dances. It doesn't necessarily mean that an individual is being gay by doing the dance," the artiste said.

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