MAPPING MATTHEW: 'Be your brother's keeper' - dancer Shakespeare

October 03, 2016
Dancer Shakespeare
Jermaine Barnaby These persons were on their way to a shelter in Manchioneall, Portland on Sunday. Hurricane Matthew is now less than 24 hours from delivering a potentially devastating blow to Jamaica, particularly the eastern parishes of Portland, St Mary and St Thomas.
Jermaine Barnaby These homeless persons slept on the streets of Port Antonio, Portland, on Sunday night.

Popular dancer Shakespeare said he has been helping his neighbours to prepare for Hurricane Matthew.

“Mi well-prepared. Mi get mi groceries lock down and mi go pon mi house top and put up mi sand bag and everything. Mi even help other people in my community strap down dem house," Shakespeare told THE STAR Online.

"I would advise everybody to be prepared because it a come…Same like [Hurricane] Ivan, a never nuff people prepare for Ivan and it came and created a lot of disaster for Jamaica, so take everything serious if you don’t want to see a next disaster,” Shakespeare said.

The dancer also said that based on early indications, he is convinced that Jamaica is not ready for Hurricane Matthew. 

“I have seen a lot of heavy water on the road so far people all a wash weh a Three Miles side, even Maxfield community bike and them thing deh wash weh. So a nuff things a gwaane," the dancer said.

"So stay in and be safe, and look out for each other, because as a unit we can protect each other and be safe. Based on the signs, I know this storm is coming so I would advise the people to prepare,” Shakespeare said.

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