Marvin The Beast refuses to quit stunts

January 20, 2017
Dancer Marvin The Beast

Ever since news emerged that dancer Marvin The Beast had injured himself after falling from the roof of a building at a recent party, several persons have been cautioning the entertainer to take it easy as this may be just the beginning of a series of unfortunate events for the dancer.

In between comments expressing joy that the entertainer was finally meeting his demise after a lifelong career of over-the-top dance routines, social media users hoped the entertainer would see his current situation as a sign to cut the extreme stunts from his dance performances.

“To be honest, it was only a matter of time. Him need fi slow down and stop di madness,” one user posted.  


“Him a climb and a carry on like wild animal. Him did know it’s a possibility that he may get hurt. I just hope he’ll learn from this. He was moving too fast with the madness,” another commented.

Despite calls for him to now settle down, the dancer’s manager, Sole Maurice told THE WEEKEND STAR that the entertainer doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

“First of all let me say this, he didn’t break his foot. He has a cut on his right leg, so he just has to get it treated and cleaned out so he can make a full recovery,” she said. Maurice then explained that his injuries were nothing too serious and didn’t warrant any surgery.

“He came home and then he went back (yesterday) for treatment again. Nothing surgical or anything.”

Over-the-top dancing

Maurice revealed that doctors treating Marvin have not put any restrictions on him, and she expects the entertainer to return to the dancehall space really soon.

“He’s not taking it hard, and he’s not going to slow down. Marvin is going to get right back into entertaining. He is taking this as something that happens as a performer. This is something that a regular dancer goes through and he’s taking it like that,” she said.

The entertainer who is known for his over-the-top dancing fell from the roof of a building at the most recent staging of Side Chick Tuesdays on Olympic Way in St Andrew, and had to be escorted out of the party by two patrons. In a video circulating on the Internet, the dancer is seen being lifted out of the venue with blood oozing from the injured leg.

Since news of his injuries emerged several entertainers have come forward to show their support for the entertainer. Among the persons wishing him a speedy recovery were Spice, D'Angel, dancer Shelly Belly and his rumoured girlfriend DHQ Nickiesha. 

Marvin the Beast has become known for his ‘over the top’ dance routines. He is also known for dragging wigs from women's heads, as well as lifting them up and climbing on to elevated platforms with them.

Several women have been injured while dancing with the entertainer in the past and so his latest demise was also met with people rejoicing that the tables have turned.

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