Corporate Jamaica scouts Tanto Blacks

January 28, 2017
Tanto Blacks
Tanto Blacks

Dancehall artiste Tanto Blacks says the law of attraction played a role in J.Wray and Nephew's decision to sign him as the face of their 'Q is the Key to Cash 4 Life' competition that ends this month.

According to energetic entertainer, belief in one's self can take a person a far way.

"I believe anything that you talk into the universe, it will happen in reality if you believe in it. I wasn't surprised because I know everything was going to come to me. Even when I went for my US visa, I never was fretting," he said.

Tanto Blacks also disclosed that following J. Wray and Nephew's signing he has been approached by several other corporate brands for brand ambassador duties.


Brand ambassador


"A lot of brands were sleeping on me, but Wray and Nephew open their eyes. So, now all of them see me as a potential brand ambassador. The journey was good and nuff brand a call me now. It was also a good feeling to go in pharmacies and stores and see posters with my face on it. I was also happy to see my face on the Billboard in Half-Way Tree and Montego Bay," he said.

Tanto Blacks will also make his acting debut this year in a Jamaican film titled True Billionaire. His debut EP will also be released bearing the same title.

"This year, everything wi seh will be billionaire because we pass millionaire status now," he told THE STAR.

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