Call made for reggae carnival

January 30, 2017
King Jammy at the sound system's controls.
Sky Juice

Reggae and dancehall music producer King Jammy is requesting that the Government or private promoters host a carnival annually in celebration of Jamaica's rich musical culture.

"Reggae gets sponsorship abroad, it's only out here they treat it so bad. In France, over 50,000 people turn out to venues filled with sponsors for reggae music. In Trinidad, sponsors support soca, and in Jamaica, we support soca ... . So why can't we support reggae too? Maybe we need to start boycott some of these sponsors to let them know we need sponsorship," he told THE STAR.

"We need our own reggae carnival to celebrate our music even once every year. It is full time the Government get involved and pull the promoters together to explore this. If we don't get up and do something, we will remain stagnant locally, while the people overseas continue to benefit over us. I am tired of hearing the Government talk, talk, talk and then do nothing, because it is time for action," he said.

He also questioned imposing taxes on musicians, which he believes they are not benefiting from. "We are paying taxes from reggae, so we need to get the support. If we don't pay tax, you come and seize our property and put us in the media for that ... . But yet we are not getting enough support for the same music you are taxing," he said.

Selector Sky Juice also believes reggae ought to have its own carnival. "Bob Marley work hard fi this, Buju Banton work hard fi this, Sizzla work hard fi this. So mi wudda like a promoter to come with this reggae carnival concept. I am a selector and musician, so I love all type of music, but I love reggae more and I play soca, too. But come on, man, people, do something for reggae, man, full time," he said.

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