Disturb-ed by lack of support for reggae music

February 02, 2017

Recording artiste Disturb says he is quite concerned about the lack of support for reggae on the island and hopes the release of his song, Journey, will create enough buzz to trigger a new reggae wave.

"Everybody is on a journey and if they listen to the concept they will love it, and hopefully be inspired to do some good reggae music. This is a good song and it is very relatable," he said.

Given that the island is now celebrating Reggae Month, the artiste is asking that artistes give reggae its due respect.

"We are focusing on too much slackness, and I want artistes to recognise that the slackness only blow up for a few months but conscious reggae music lasts forever. Some artistes are bad on dancehall rhythms but when you give them some one drop reggae beats they are dead. I lean to the reggae side of things and listen to the older artistes like Bob Marley because the music is always relevant," Disturb said.

Disturb has challenged reggae artistes to dig deeper for stronger content.

"The content is not deep enough and it grieve me when some Rasta artiste trim because they are trying to catch dancehall hype and it doesn't work for them. As a reggae artiste, you have to stay true to your calling," he said.

The conscious artiste also advised Jamaicans to give more support to reggae music, especially during Reggae Month.

"Get rid of the yes-man dem around you who promote negative energy because that hampers the content of your music. One drop is the way of the future so get with it because without one drop you are lost," Disturb said.

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