Byll Gatezs now against 'money pull-up'

March 16, 2017
Byll Gatezs

Byll Gatezs, a dancehall artiste, is asking that selectors focus on developing the music instead of playing for 'money pull-up'. The artiste believes the practice is a form of payola and is sucking the fun out of dancehall.

"Most a di selector dem a play fi money pull-up. Stop sell out the music for money pull -p. One song a play all 20 times in the dancehall, so when you are trying to hear your song, you can't hear it because one song a get overplayed," he said.




Money pull-up involves the payment of money to a selector, by patrons, for him to replay a partifcular song.

Byll Gatezs, a self-proclaimed flosser, admitted that he was once a fan of the money pull-up practice and even indulged in it. However, now that he is embarking on a career as an artiste, he feels the practice is unhelpful.

"Me is a artiste right now, and all if me and the selector a par for the entire day, once him go in the dance and him get some money pull-up, him forget to play my song. So I can understand what other artistes go through. This thing a mash up dancehall, and it is like payola," he said.

"You have some selectors who say no, they are not going to pull up the songs for money. But you have some who don't care, so you don't get a chance to hear other artistes. Mi know selectors have dem youth fi mine, but you must have a limit," he said.

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