Dancehall bigger than Jamaica - Byll Gatezs

April 26, 2017
Byll Gatezs

Recording artiste Byll Gatezs is optimistic his reggaeton-influenced record, 'Fire', will break into the Latin market, boosted by the current interest that region has been showing dancehall music.

Universal Records recently launched its first radio station in Latin America and also employed Jamaican DJ Chrome to play dancehall music on the station.

Gatezs believes his stars are aligned to create an impact outside of the typical dancehall scene.

"A label named AK Promotion inna Latin America a look pan mi now and they have expressed interest in working with me. That is a good look because Latin America has a lot of love for the Jamaican music, especially the authentic sound," he said.

The artiste, who spent years under the wings of recording artiste Gyptian, wants his local dancehall colleagues to realise the local scene is a launching pad, not a destination.




"Some artistes feel like to get your song played at weekly parties is the sign of success, but if you look at the most successful dancehall artistes, they don't spend every night in the dancehall events playing the songs to the same people. It's cool to get your music out to the locals, but what you really need is the foreign ears and the foreign money," he said.

Gatezs said he has drawn his route to success from the likes of Sean Paul and Shaggy.

"How much time yu see dem man deh a circle the same set of people? They focus on the bigger picture and that is why I am pushing Fire in the foreign market, because a growth mi a pree for both my music and dancehall on a whole, "he said.

The artiste also wants local DJs to support more emerging talents.

"Wi as young artistes have a voice and new ideas that we want to share. Mi a ask unno just give us a chance to grow; the business needs us for longevity, so play the music," he said.

Byll Gatez is also working closely with Chris Gayle's Dutty Fridayze Records and Cornelius Records.

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