George Nooks turns to God

May 16, 2017
George Nooks

Reggae star George Nooks will be releasing a new reggae-gospel single this week called 'Never Fail Me Yet'. The track makes references to his current legal entanglements which have exploded like a grenade, adversely affecting his career and personal life.

"This song is very personal because it addresses all the criticisms I have received on Twitter and Facebook, and points to the source of my greatest strength in my darkest hour, God, who has literally and figuratively never failed me yet. The song is saying, 'don't worry, don't fret', a reminder to anyone with personal struggles or crises that God is always the answer," he said.

Last week, Nooks released a new song called I Must Tell Jesus on his Total Records label. The song, which was officially presented to radio stations on Friday, is now in rotation on FM radio.

"That song is my prayer for the tribulations that I have been going through in my life, and it could be seen as a source of inspiration for anyone going through testing times. It has no references to my ongoing court case," he said.




Nooks was arrested on May 6 by the Corporate Area police after a bag containing less than two ounces of cocaine was found in his possession. He was offered station bail in the sum of $80,000, and is scheduled to face the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court tomorrow. He is being represented by attorney-at-law Tom Tavares Finson.

On Sunday, Nooks issued a statement apologising to disappointed fans who were upset over his exclusion from a concert dubbed 'A Gift for Mom'.

"I would like to apologise to my fans who were looking forward to seeing me perform at the Mother's Day concert on Sunday. I am aware that many people have already booked travel and accommodation and were also simply looking forward to it, as was I," he said.

Last week, George Nooks received overwhelming support from fans when he performed at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel after the organisers had briefly toyed with the idea of yanking him from the show, until the fans demanded his appearance.

"I just want to tell my supporters, gwaan hold on and remember God is always there. I broke down because of the love they gave me. They just belted out the song. It was very touching to me. One of the best moments of my career," he said.

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