Female producer opens her own studio

June 07, 2017
Halie Dixon

In a male-dominated music industry, it is not the easiest task to stand out; however, female producer Halie Dixon is hoping her work will be the deciding factor.

The producer, who hails from Manchester, recently launched her record label Ragz to Richez Records. She told THE STAR that music holds no biases for gender.

"When I work on a project I am looking to reach everybody and to inspire females that 'hey you can do this as well'. Dancehall and reggae have been dominated by males for the longest time ... but that does not mean that the music belongs to males. We have had some strong women who did wonders for reggae music and I am just playing my role to add to that legacy," she said.

Halie also said she decided to start her own label since it gives her the freedom to exercise her creativity.

"It is also more cost-effective to own your own studio. I am in music for the entire long haul and so it is only right that I create my own stable which will be a home for my productions," she said.

The producer has also released her first compilation project under Ragz To Richez Records titled Morning Blues. It features recording acts including Kasanova and Macka Diamond.

"The project is fresh on the market, but is already getting tremendous feedback, especially from the overseas market. We have been in rotation on local and international radio stations, and although the label is fresh on the scene, I am looking to create a lasting impact that will lead me to work with further established artistes in the industry, as well as to bring fresh talent to the forefront," she said.

The project is distributed by 21 Hapilos, and is available on online stores such as iTunes and Amazon.

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