Queen Ifrica lashes Ishawna for 'Equal Rights'

July 25, 2017
Queen Ifrica

Montego Bay home-girl Queen Ifrica came out in defence of Jamaican culture and made indirect verbal strikes at popular dancehall artiste Ishawna during her performance at Reggae Sumfest on Saturday night.

"Di 'Equal Rights' weh mi a ask fa, a more money weh di man dem a get to. Treatment like wah di man dem a get to. A dem equal rights deh me want. So, black woman, stop ask fi likkle bit more," Ifrica, who is known for hits such as Below The Waist and Lioness on The Rise, said in apparent reference to Ishawna's controversial song Equal Rights.

"All who know Miss Lou, mi want see yuh hand right now. Mi want see yuh han inna di sky. Hear wah mi a go say to you now, Jamaican people. We need fi start respect wi heroes dem more; respect di people dem weh fight fi dis country more Marcus Garvey, Miss Lou, Bob Marley," she added. "When a likkle girl feel she can bright enough and big enough fi diss icon like Miss Lou, di I dem mus mek di I dem voice loud in disagreement unless we forget who we are as a people."

She also took aim at Health Minister Dr Christopher Tufton regarding his stance on the use of marijuana for recreational purposes.

"Mr Tufton, mi want say something to you. I notice him deh pon di battlefield from wah day a talk hard fi di restriction on marijuana, and ting. All wi a say, we can agree to a certain extent, seen? Marijuana fi free up. Marijuana fi free up inna Jamaica now. Yeah, it can help wid wi economy and everything weh wi need fi gwaan," she declared.

With respect to the murder toll in St James, the artiste said that this was totally unacceptable but said that despite that, she would be forever patriotic to Jamaica as the island is a place of choice.

"One hundred and fifty-seven people dead inna Montego Bay since di start a di year. Wednesday gone six people dead inna 72 hours. Everything all right inna Jamaica? Everything no all right inna Jamaica, so di I dem need fi show appreciation fi di people dem weh a fight fi dis down here and a fight di country down here," she said.

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