D’Angel, Spice have 'No Worries'

July 28, 2017
D'Angel (left) and Spice.
Stephanie Lyew photo Spice quickly captures D'Angel for social media.
Stephanie Lyew photo Spice assists with wrapping D'Angel's hair on set at Adam and Eve Day Spa.
Stephanie Lyew photo Director, Jahdean Van Gogh, and Spice (right) go over the ideas for spa scene while D'angel looks pensive.

Three months after the release of No Worries, D'Angel and Spice have joined forces for the music video for their song.

There's no denying that the presence of musical collaborations between female dancehall recording artistes in Jamaica is a rare occurrence. That's what makes No Worries by D'Angel and Spice appeal lyrically to the public. And the combined personalities of two animated dancehall divas sharing the same visual objective, makes the lyrics all the more meaningful.

The video marks a new era of the dancehall music industry. Though the storyline is basic, for the purpose of showing the chemistry between D'Angel and Spice, simplicity was key.

"The moment D'Angel contacted me with the rhythm, the direction was unquestionable. Female artistes doing collabs in the business is a unique concept especially when it's not the typical wining or dancing song," Spice said.

With only a couple days rest since her high-energy Reggae Sumfest performance, Spice met up with D'Angel at MegaMart on Waterloo Road on Wednesday morning to create a visual that revealed the impression of being women 'living the life'.

"The supermarket scene is to show that once you have enough to fill your cart, there's no reason to pay attention to those who are bad-minded over it. And to basically show how to be happy and stress-free," said Spice.

empowerment of women

Both artistes also have a strong passion for the empowerment of women. Though both ladies are alumnae of the same secondary school, St Catherine High School, and are seldom seen sporting together before this project, the relationship appeared natural.

"The time to produce the video was just fitting, we (Spice and myself) both decided that it was. And as female artistes in the business, we can definitely promote unity, empowerment and strength. We may not have been close or have had our differences, but once we joined forces it was all about unity - an easy, natural vibe that was effortless," D'Angel said.

The second location for the shoot took the artistes, the crew and members of the press to Adam and Eve Day Spa in New Kingston. But the spa setting influenced the softer side of Spice, while D'Angel amused with colourful imitations of her colleague's Sumfest performance.

The scene focused on the two interacting and enjoying massages in the double occupancy room as two friends would. The rest of the video comprised scenes of the ladies driving around the city and at the popular Studio 45.

The No Worries music video will be released in two weeks.

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