Pepsi Refresh Tour expected to outgrown venue

August 25, 2017
Celebs (from left) Agent Sasco, Nikki Z, Christopher Martin and Denyque lyme at the launch of the Pepsi Refresh Tour earlier this year.

Over its past three campaigns, the Pepsi Refresh Tour demonstrated the potential to develop into of one of summer's highly anticipated events. Before the campaign concludes for the third time tomorrow, THE WEEKEND STAR caught up with Elizabeth Swaby, brand manager at Pepsi-Cola Jamaica, who said that it has the potential to grow and get national attention.

"It's grown in terms of activation. For the first year, we just did a few pop-ups in Kingston," Swaby said, noting that last year's Pepsi Refresh Tour had three pop-ups, in Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, and Kingston.

"This year, we've had six. We went to Hard Rock CafÈ, Rick's CafÈ, we were in Spanish Town and other places."

The final pop-up concert before tomorrow's big show takes place in downtown Kingston today at the St William Grant Park.

"Anticipation and excitement double fold. We're gonna outgrow this venue. The roads were filled with cars last year. We solicited some parking lots to fit the anticipated crowd this year, but we're actually looking for a new venue for next year," Swaby said.

Another feature added to the event is the provision of shuttle services for the concert, available from Half-Way Tree, Papine, Duhaney Park, and downtown Kingston.

"We didn't have live feed on our screens last year. This year, we do. We're amping up the experience," Swaby said.


Strong performances


Offering more proof of growth, the brand manager pointed out that Pepsi Refresh Tour's closing concert has increased from four to five headliners. More than just increasing in number, Swaby said that the final concert, which will be held at 214 Spanish Town Road in Kingston, would deliver strong performances, considering the bigger artistes on board.

"This year, we have the real star boys. We have Ding Dong, who is still up and coming, and he's doing excellently. There are the hot boys Christopher Martin, Agent Sasco and Aidonia," she continued.

At the show tomorrow, there will also be performances by former Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall contestants like Big Pop, Press Fyah and Project X. Winners from the Red Stripe Big Buss competition will also take centre stage.

Pepsi' newest brand ambassador, Shenseea, has not been billed for the concert because she is currently on tour in Europe.

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