Gospel Spotlight : Adri Morr navigating life's rocky road

September 15, 2017
Adri Morr

The message in his music is about overcoming adversity and realising that there is a higher power.

Clarendon-raised gospel singer-songwriter Adrian 'Adri Morr' Morris continues to share it as he composes music for the purpose of ministering.

Morr is encouraged by his own journey to Christianity one that took a winding path, beginning as a foster child at age five.

"It put me in a confusing environment trying to understand the reasons for my parents' separation, which then led to my abandonment," shared Adri Morr.

Fortunately, his older sister remained in contact, despite the physical separation when he was moved from Kingston to Clarendon.

She even assisted with finding a family to support Morr.

Morr said he experienced abuse and neglect that often led him to fend for himself or associate with bad company.

Nonetheless, Morr accepts that the experiences made him who he is today.

The new family did their best to provide means for education but in his fifth year at Kellits High School, he faced hardships and was unable to complete or qualify for graduation.

The idea to take up music led him to writing reggae-dancehall songs, but Morr spoke little of the songs, as he never received any recognition.

He returned to Kingston in 2009 to live with his sister and worked various jobs until he was able to stand on his own feet.

Despite many invitations to attend church, Morr did not enter the Greater Works International Fellowship (GWIF) in Pembroke Hall until 2012.

One year later, he professed his faith at GWIF, where he is still an active member.




As an emerging gospel artiste, he is still experiencing a few personal setbacks, but they have not crippled him from connecting with recognised gospel artistes and producers.

The multi-award-winning and internationally acclaimed contemporary gospel artiste, minister and humanitarian, Dr Kay Morris, has given him added confidence to pursue his music.

All of this occurred after Morr gained courage to message her via Facebook.

Dr Morris shares the word with Morr in Worship You Always, a single written by Morr with inputs from Paul Barclay of Katalys Crew Production, who acted as engineer on the track.

She recorded vocals on the rhythm provided by Barclay while at Kornerstone Production in Toronto. The song was released in April.

They are yet to meet in person and notwithstanding the same surnames, no family ties have been confirmed.

"It was just a divine coincidence that we communicated, as she offered guidance and words of wisdom during a low period of my life," said Morr.

Morr makes it very clear in his new single, Living Sacrifice, that "though daily challenges sometimes cause us to lose focus of you and sometimes we felt like giving up, it has to be you.

"The song acts as a testimony showing that I love music but also love ministering as well, knowing that persons' lives are being touched," said Morris.

Living Sacrifice was produced by Pioneer Music and recorded on the instrumentals of Mark Angelo Green. It features background vocals by Alicia Taylor, arranged to sound like a supporting choir. The song was released on September 1.

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