Car crash pushes Gabbidon into 'Overdrive'

September 18, 2017
Gabbidon, who is a member of Get There Squad, is now a recording artiste.

Dancer Gabbidon has taking on the challenge to become a recording artiste. The decision to spread his wings beyond the comfort zone of dancing follows a horrifying incident which saw him being hurt in a car crash on August 21.

Gabbidon, who is a member of Get There Squad, has since created the dance Overdrive. The dancer then linked up with Tu Finga, producer at DeadLine Recordz, and is recording a song with that very name.

"Mi did born fi do music still but hear wah a gwaan, mi did haffi push out myself inna the dancing world and try mek a name first. I learn from the best, as I grow roun' Capleton; a dem man deh grow mi," said Gabbidon.

The dancer, now artiste, said that the crash last month served as a major impetus for him to strive to meet his goals as an entertainer.

Recalling the accident, Gabbidon said it took place after the IRIE FM's Marcus Garvey Celebration show in St Ann.

"That night, wi guh to Ninja Man show and when we leave di party to guh the hotel, it happen ... . The outcome could have been more severe as the vehicle was completely damaged, but we escaped with minor injuries," he said.

Following the accident, the entertainer posted a collage of the images on his Instagram page showing the damaged vehicle. The front of the car was crushed and the airbags were deployed. The caption read: "'Give thanks for life, neva have to be here today, but the ˜lmighty a guide me'."

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