Mr Vegas plans Irma relief concert

September 19, 2017
Mr Vegas
Mr Vegas

It has been 10 days since Mr Vegas established a GoFundMe profile dedicated to raising US$200,000 (approximately J$26 million) to assist residents of the Caribbean islands affected by Hurricane Irma. However, the donations are slow in coming when compared to other pages dedicated to the same purpose or created in a shorter period of time.

So far, only about US$1,700 (J$223,225) has been raised in donations from 36 persons, excluding the highest amount, US$500 (J$65,654), that the webpage shows was contributed by Clifford Smith (Mr Vegas' real name).

When asked why he thought the online account created by him was not receiving as much support, Mr Vegas said, "Persons are more preoccupied with pointing out who sang the song than trying to help. However, we continue to accept donations and thank those who have contributed so far."

Nonetheless, the dancehall artiste-turned-Christian is optimistic that the goal will be achieved. However, he believes that rebuilding the various communities will take a long time owing to the state of destruction they experienced.

Mr Vegas is not hasty, and has extended the GoFundMe donation period to last for three months.

With the Caribbean expecting more tropical storm conditions for the rest of the hurricane season, it hoped that the islands will not experience additional damage.

"I have reached out to a few private sector [companies] in Jamaica, as well as government officials in Antigua, to stage a concert there that will aid in providing relief to their sister island, Barbuda," Mr Vegas said.

It would be more rational for structural repair to commence after the hurricane season. And with that thought, the concert may not happen immediately, but in early 2018.

Mr Vegas has made it clear that persons have asked for his personal account information and are seeking other ways to donate to the cause.

"I am looking into other ways to try and raise funds. I know it is challenging," said Mr Vegas.

Meanwhile, following mixed feedback received from Adios Irma, the artiste released the official video for the single last Saturday. The video begins with a controversial though amusing scene which shows the artiste confiscating a spliff when a pastor pays him an unannounced visit.

"It was just done so as to show the hypocrisy in Christianity," said Mr Vegas.

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