Dem gone too far now - Ninja Man, Bounty bash Danielle D.I., Ishawna feud

September 21, 2017
Ninja Man
Bounty Killer
Danielle D.I.

Dancehall music has always been known for its melodramatic lyrical clashes between deejays.

But the lyrical feud between Danielle D.I. and Ishawna seems to be more than theatrics. In less than 24 hours, Ishawna responded to the Street Bicycle track done by her rival and the original Dancehall Queen Carlene.

D.I. sang "Yuh a talk bout mi live wid mi modda gyal, gwaan chat, your modda live inna jail ask di New York cops". Those words were answered by Ishawna with "Guh tek care of yuh half dead mumma nuh yuh seh she a battle fi life".

The song also tells D.I. to prepare a a family plot for herself, Carlene and her mother.

Dancehall legend Ninja Man shared his disappointment in the two female recording artistes.

“Dem jus’ a bring them private life to the public; that is not lyrical confrontation, that is just tracing between two gyal,” he said. 

“Is betta dem did go inna Half-Way Tree and trace,” added fellow legend Bounty Killer.

Both veterans’ careers were built on their controversial performance styles and participation in clashes with other popular dancehall artistes which both claim were all for the love of music and proving lyrical prowess.

“Music is not for vengeance, it should be for love and unity. It brings people back to happiness and right now the two a dem need fi straighten out them sad life,” said Ninja Man. “Mi nuh too listen to dem because it a become a total waste of time, at least D.I. is taking care of har mother.” 

In the song Walking Dead, some consider Ishawna unprofessional because they interpret that the artiste wishes death for D.I.’s mother who is seriously ill.

“I wouldn’t say all my previous battles were all professionalism but mainly lyricism; it was a confrontation of lyrical prowess and who has the better lyrics. Notice in the Bounty and Beenie era where Angel name was called in songs and we got personal, (those songs) hardly play in a retro party,” said Bounty Killer.

Fans of both female artistes have taken to social media to share their views. Some are accepting of the entertaining side of the lyrics, while others have recognised the sensitive subject of the lyrics.

One fan stated, “D.I. bring her (Ishawna) mom first by saying ‘thiefing modda’ so I don’t get why everybody jumping on Ishawna.”

While another fan said, “Me no agree nor disagree with D.I. to diss Ishawna mada but one mother is on a dying bed one is not.”


Ninja Man said: “The two of them need to go listen some veteran female artistes like Lady G and Junie Ranks to see how to clash.” Bounty Killer said all clashes follow the same guideline.

"You cannot get too personal. Yuh think seh people going to listen back to who sex who 20 years later? Personal insults will never become a classic,” he said. 

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