Fans endure rain for Ishawna's Equal Rights

November 06, 2017

Intermittent rain throughout the night did little to dampen the party vibes of the hundreds of patrons who attended the V Maui Wowi: Beach Bonfire on Day One of the BRT weekend.

Like the two bonfires in the middle of the party, selectors blazed some of the hottest dancehall and soca mixes, which had patrons dancing up a storm.

And even though patrons were scampering to find shelter to protect hairstyles and outfits from the rain, all was forgotten as soon as Masicka and Ishawna took the stage.

Reeling off hits such as Infrared, Ten Out A Ten, Hold On Deh and Gas Dem Up, the Genhasyde boss Masicka delivered a commanding set.

The mention of Ishawna's name sent female fans scampering to the front of the stage. "Let through the good Gyal dem," Ishawna said before launching into Restraining Order.

The first few lines of her controversial song, Equal Rights, took the party to another level, as screaming women belted out the words. By this time, it had once again began to rain. Undettered by their now wet clothes and streaking make up, fans stood in the rain until she completed the song.

Though having to cut her set short, fans seemingly enjoyed themselves, staying to dance in the rain long after both artistes had left the stage.


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