Girls got Wet N Wild

November 06, 2017

Skimpy outfits, stylish hairdos and impeccably applied make-up were not spared the wrath of the water hose at the X-Treme Wet N Wild Water Party during the BRT weekend at the Riviera Beach in Florida.

With many patrons dressed to impress in their best beach attire, the arrival of the water truck sent several of them scampering to preserve their outfit. The majority of patrons, however, quickly put their phones away and began gyrating.

Hoping to get as wet and wild as possible, some began using their water guns and buckets to douse others.

Even the promoter, Hans Mullings, got in on the action, using the water house from the truck to spray the excited patrons.

Songs such as Ding Dong's Gas and Aidonia's Yeah Yeah sent patrons into a frenzy as they danced up a storm. The ladies were also not left out as Dovey Magnum's Bawl Out, Konshens' Bruck Off Yuh Back and Charly Black's Gyal You a Party Animal had them wining and gyrating on their male counterparts.

"Ladies, mi nuh business if it fake, as long as it still can shake," one selector announced before reeling off Lil Rick's soca hit Guh Dung.

Evidently enjoying themselves, the selector almost had to beg patrons to leave the venue as they continued to dance and prance about.

"Just one more song mi a go play and we done" a selector from Coppershot stated before dropping Kartel's latest hit, All Aboard.

Reluctantly, patrons began filing out of the venue, some stopping to dance as they exited.

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