Sea of colour at BRT J'ouvert Breakfast Party

November 07, 2017

There were hardly any clean outfits in sight as soca revellers danced and palanced the morning away at the BRT Jouvert Breakfast Party on Sunday.

With selectors Dutty Dex and Coppershot encouraging patrons to douse each other with paint and water, the Riviera Beach, Florida venue was transformed into a colourful sea of red, blue, purple and green. 

The selectors words, however, came back to haunt them, as one brave patron ran up to the stage and splashed them and their equipment with paint. This momentarily paused the proceedings, but fans hardly noticed as the continued dancing without the music.

Soca hits such as Machel Montana's The Fog, Fadda Fox's Ducking and Skinny Fabulous' BTW (Behaving The Worst), were a huge hit with patrons.

Gyrating waistlines were the order of the day as females showcased their dancing abilities, much to the delight of the male patrons.

Patrons were also in for a treat as guest performer MX Prime of the Ultimate Rejects group took to the stage to deliver his monster hot sing 'Hold Dem and Wuk Dem'.

Male patrons immediately found a dance partner and once again started to 'get on bad'.

"This was my first time performing at BRT and by all looks of it, everybody had a great time. God has blessed with a song that the entire Caribbean appreciates and the world is know getting to hear about the song," MX Prime to THE STAR.

He added that he was pleased with the crowds reaching to his set.

"I know that this isn't a typical soca music crowd. It has Jamaican crowd, Haitian crowd, Trinidad crowd and Bajan crowd, I didn't expect much as it relates to crowd response, but I know that they know the song and once they know the song, that's the opportunity to perform and leave a lasting impression, so we came and did what we had to do."




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