Marlon's 'Sextillionaire' all about the cash

July 16, 2018
Marlon Samuels on the cricket field.
Marlon Samuels


Last week, international cricketer Marlon Samuels made his musical debut as Icon. The personality shared a track on YouTube called 'Sextillionaire (Supa Rich)', which has a growing number of positive comments. However, followers of this headline-making sportsman should not take this as an indication of a career change.

"I have always been a fan of music growing up and part of that social scene. It feels normal for me to be at a studio. I have close friends that are a part of the music industry and I've gotten used to the setting," Samuels said. Samuels' venture behind the microphone is the result of the cricketer searching for a name for his upcoming line of colognes and a perfume.

After much contemplation utilising his catchphrase (turned moniker), the cricketer decided on Sextillionaire, a trademark he says is already registered in Europe. "We're competing with Creed - we're going the big guys' league. The word is my trademark and I'll be using it," Samuels told The STAR.

"When you go on the website, [Sextillionaire] will be playing in the background,"

For men, one cologne will be called Sextillionaire - I Am Icon, and the other, Sextillioanire - The 7th Power. The perfume will be named after his daughter, D'Journa. Some may be inclined to interpret the word's first syllable as carnal in nature, but Samuels assured that it has nothing to do with sex. "It's just a different level of money. It has nothing to with sex. It's numbers, bigger figures," he said.

Even with a music video in the works, Samuels also assured that he isn't travelling a new path. "I don't think about these things as career. I've played cricket for over 24 years and still going. It's another fun thing for me."

The cricketer hopes everyone will take the song in good spirit. "I wish for everyone to be happy and enjoy life. As a role model, my intention is to encourage the youths to think bigger and reach for greater. There are lots of levels. Why not aim at being a sextillionaire? That's a different level of riches. Try being a millionaire to the sixth or even seventh power, be an icon."

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