New deejay believes he has summer hit

July 26, 2018
Zavean 'Great One D-unex' Johnson

Describing himself as an underground artiste, Zavean 'Great One D-unex' Johnson is contending that he has the summer song for 2018 in his new release Sky Clock.

According to Great One D-unex ('D-unex' is short for 'unexpected'), music often gets lost online because song titles are the similar.

"I did not use a line or word out of the chorus because I really want it to stand out," he said. "It is worth the listen because of the amount of work put into pushing it out. It have that different type of flow, the way mi speak about the lifestyle."

The deejay was first introduced to dancehall-loving audiences through performing covers as a teenager, an opportunity provided by Jahforce International, a sound system hailing from the community of Beacon Hill where he grew up.

He has since adopted a strategy of passing through local street dances to have sound systems and selectors play his music.

He also believes that the traditional method of burning CDs and distributing them to the route taxis and buses is better than even radio play.

"Being a part of an underground society of talent makes di people and di selector dem gravitate to it," he said.

The deejay said his chances to move further in the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall competition six years ago (under the stage name Di Great One) were ruined by what he calls "bad company" that used money budgeted for promotion for other things. So, he made it his duty to try another method of getting likes.

With singles such as Life Regret, Foreign and Burn We Burn Badmind, Great One D-unex continues to blend his hardcore deejaying sound with catchy dancehall-fused Afrobeat rhythms.

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