Family affair at St Ann Jerk Festival

August 08, 2018
Ten-year-old Samantha Shaw relaxes on a chair as her dad, Hubert 'Prince Bob' Shaw, balances it on his head during a performance at the St Ann Jerk Festival on Monday.
Carol Smith ensures that her nephew, Anthony DaCosta, is secured as he gets ready to ride the mechanical bull.
A jerk chicken vendor prepares chicken while customers wait.
Kids and parents take a ride on the train.
Fiona Williamson poses with her son, Pierce McDonald, as he sits on a ride.

The St Ann Jerk Festival provided the perfect avenue for family entertainment during the Independence Day festivities on Monday.

The event, held at Grizzly's Plantation Cove in Richmond, attracted a large turnout, as parents brought their children out for what could be their final fun day before going back to school in September.

And, they all had fun from dance contests for the kids that showed off their talent to rides, rides and more rides.

Apart from the usual jerk chicken, pork, fish, and ackee and salt fish, there was traditional Jamaican dancing such as kumina and bruckins, drumming, magic show and amazing balancing acts.

"This is the one event I've been to for the holidays and it's nice. I'm here with my son and my sister and her kids, and we're all enjoying ourselves. I like the new venue, too," one female patron told THE STAR.

Advertised acts like Konshens, Prohgress, Laa Lee Ranks, Shakespear, Deep Jahi, Darrio, Jada Kingdom, Toni Munroe and Buck I brought the event to a fitting end.

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