STAR of the Month: Govana still has bullet in his back

September 10, 2018

One year before Govana catapulted into the public eye as the newest protege of dancehall recording artiste Aidonia, the deejay, known then as Deablo, was faced with one of the scariest incidents in his life.

In September 2011, while leaving a party at an undisclosed nightclub, he was caught in the crossfire between two patrons who had a dispute. He was hit in his back by a stray bullet.

Govana recently revealed to The STAR that the bullet is still lodged in his back, close to his spine, and that he still feels pain, depending on temperature changes.

"At first the doctor said he was not sure if I would live through it, and then him say I may not be able to walk. Now, I am living with it in my back same way. When it is cold, it bothers me." said Govana.

After being shot, the deejay ended up spending five days in the hospital as he was able to move about without a walker.

"I got engaged that September, and after the incident that same night (while I was in the hospital) my then  fiancee told me she was pregnant with my son. That year, and the month of September especially, was just a lot of things happening," said Govana.




Oddly enough, it was that near-death experience and his then fiancee's pregnancy that became the driving force for the Hot Topic deejay to get better.

He said that when he recovered, his mentor and label mate Aidonia told him he needed him off the street and focused on music. The two travelled to Europe in January 2012 and recorded the hit collaboration Run Road around the same time.

"People may not have recognised Deablo as yet but started so show interest in the youth that recorded on the track, which was me," he said. "As for any lessons learnt from that experience, I am naturally more vigilant of my surroundings and not only because I am an artiste, but anything can happen to change a person's life."

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