STAR of the Month: Iron balloon label inspired Govana's 'Champ'

September 13, 2018
STAR of the Month Govana

Having struggled for years to get his big break, STAR of the Month Govana chronicles his trials and triumph in his latest hit single, 'Champ'. However, he said that it was not planned.

According to the artiste, it came straight from the heart.

"Champ wasn't even planned. Me just go the studio to voice on a next rhythm and mi hear this rhythm," he said.

Govana also explained that he got the drive to pen the single because he was being labelled as an 'iron balloon' for many years.

"Really and truly, being in the industry so long a lot of persons labelled me iron balloon, and say mi nah go buss. A lot of people did class mi. I am a human being, and dem ting deh did really and truly get to me at times. I am a strong person mentally and things nuh really get to me, but after a while everybody have a limit," Govana told THE STAR.

"Champ is really me singing from the heart. I can't really give an explanation, cause it forward from the heart. You can't really explain it, it just happen. It come in like magic. Mi just go inna the studio, and it just flow."

The official music video for the song was released on August 1, and already, it has close to two million views on YouTube. The single was produced by BigZim Records.

When asked if he released of the song because he felt like he is the champion among the rising crop of dancehall artistes, Govana told THE STAR that he could not determine that.

"Me leave that up to the fans to decide. Self praise is no recommendation," said Govana, who is set to depart the island in October for a month-long tour of Europe.