I'm not promoting prostitution - Shauna Chyn says new song is misunderstood

September 14, 2018
Shauna Chyn
Shauna Chyn


Dancehall's 'Bosschick' Shauna Chyn said she doesn't understand why people are in their feelings about the content of her new single, 'Suicidal'.

In the track, Chyn encourages women to 'collect' monetary advances on sexual offerings before getting intimate with a man.

Some listeners say the song is sending the wrong message to women, pointing out that in many ways it encourages prostitution.

Speaking with THE WEEKEND STAR on the opinions that have been voiced, Chyn said Jamaicans are guilty of often reading too much into entertainers' lyrics.

She explained that when she was penning the song, encouraging prostitution was the farthest thing from her mind. She simply wanted to teach women to also look out for themselves when they decide to get intimate with a man.

"Once yuh deh wid a man, him supposed to help yuh. Women are always in need of things and these nowadays men, they like to get but they don't like to give. We nah support mean man, so we nah gi dem wi thing if we nuh collect," she said.

Chyn said she is tired of hearing women lament that when relationships end, they are left with nothing but memories.

"As women, we go through a lot with these men, and den nuff time dem just get up and leave. If a man a go leave, yuh must can have something to show for it. Make dem spoil yuh before you give dem yuh thing," she added.




She added that she is aware her message will not be met with open arms, but said she could care less as her concern is to get women to see their worth and not be fooled.

She also expressed that she doesn't see what the fuss is about as she is not the first artiste to express this view.

"Shabba Ranks did say: 'If a man want it make him pay dung pan it' and everybody buss blank inna party, so why as me say it is a problem?" she questioned. "Collecting when yuh a give a man your things is not prostitution if is your right man or even if you a side chick. There is no way a man and a woman a go deh together and him nuffi give her things. Dat can't right."

The Control Button singer then made it clear that she has no issues with prostitutes. She said as far as she is concerned, they are earning an honest bread.

"Dem nah rob and kill people, dem a hustle dem own just like anybody else. Some a dem have kids and bills to take care of like anybody else and dem affi eat, so I don't have no problem wid a woman weh a prostitute. In fact, me big dem up because that's their profession and dem a put in work same way," she said.

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