Samboni claims 'Nah Go Home' is an int'l hit

October 12, 2018

Dancehall artiste Samboni says he believes that his latest single, 'Nah Go Home', is one of the best songs released in dancehall this year.

Speaking with THE WEEKEND STAR recently, Samboni, whose given name is Kacey Bernard, said that Nah Go Home has taken the world by storm.

"It take the entire dancehall world by storm on its own. That's different from weh the streets do. Cause you have the 'street man' like Boom Boom, Hotta Rice, Ruxie, Game Changers, DJ Shawn and K9, dem a play di song hard," Samboni said.

According to Samboni, music lovers who have visited Jamaica fell in love with the track, and brought it back to their home countries.

"I've been trying a long time in the music and happy that the first hit song is an international song. Dem come and love the vibes, and bring it home, and it spread like wildfire. It a play everywhere in the world that love and appreciate dancehall music," he said.

Nah Go home is produced by Stainy Productions/Dane Raychords, and a music video for the single was directed by Da Maniac.

"We premiered it on HYPE TV recently, and the reception has been unbelievable. I have been getting calls from all over. Europeans seem to have a special love for the song. A Russian dancer chose my song for a dance competition, and when it played on the big stage, people started to gravitate to it," Samboni said.

Samboni said that he is not too concerned that the song is not yet a hit locally.

"Only a few disc jocks play it here, but it a play all over the world. Every day I get videos and calls from overseas. Is just for us to catch on. Once we do our homework, we a go know what's popping with the song," he said.

He had nothing but praises for the guidance and direction he received from fellow artiste Bugle.

"Big up Bugle and the An9ted Entertainment. We a par, like from 2013 and been on the road, both locally and overseas. I watch carefully and learn the craft and develop on what I already had," said Samboni, who has released other songs like Swing Di Energy with Chi Ching Ching, and Rubba Bounce with Shakka Pow.

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