12 Days of Christmas: Tactikal brings cheer to his family even while overseas

December 17, 2018
Tactikal loads up his Christmas goodies to send home.
Tactikal said he misses Jamaica, but will be home soon.

On the sixth day of Christmas, fast-rising recording artiste Tactikal, who is currently on his first promotional tour of Canada, went holiday shopping for his family back home in Jamaica.

Tactikal, whose given name is Ossan McKenzie, departed the island for the first time in November, and, since then, says he has been trying to adjust to the culture diversity to include celebrating the Yuletide season and festivities being away.

Tactikal will also spend Christmas Day outside of Jamaica and away from his eight-year-old son Jaydan, both firsts.

He told THE STAR, "As an artiste, you want to be able to travel and spread your brand. My first time on a plane, touring Canada, is the main reason I will not be in Jamaica this Christmas. It's new, but I am learning."

"I miss my son and him tell me him miss me, and all tell me what him want (PlayStation) for Christmas. So I went and got one for him. Mi have mi sister, father and brother also. I went and did a little Christmas shopping for them, too. To be able to do this is a joy. Merry Christmas Jamaica and a Happy New Year," Tactikal told THE STAR.

Grammy-nominated reggae artiste Etana is one experienced traveller in the world of music. Her advice for Tactikal was practical.

Etana said, "The best thing you could do as a new artiste, young artiste on the road is to focus on your work. Do FaceTime, make phone calls, share the moment with the gifts and have dem open the gifts online. That's all you have, then you have to stay focus on work. This is what you do, and I am sure family and close relatives will understand and cheer you on just the same."

On Saturday, Tactikal wrapped up his third of three gigs in Canada and will continue onwards with a series of radio and television interviews until year end.

He told THE STAR, "I am pleased with the work that I am able to put in while in Canada. Big up Eddie Wisdom of Wisdom Promotion for making it possible. Love Jamaica, mi soon forward."

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