I'm no bully - Spice offers big bucks to anyone who can prove otherwise

January 08, 2019

Spice is offering J$1million to any person who is able to prove she initiated any 'beef' with a female artiste.

The giveaway was announced on the deejay's Instagram live yesterday, as she sought to clear the air about a messy feud with D'Angel surrounding their 2017 collaboration No Worries.

According to Spice, she has never initiated any feud with any female including Lady Saw, who has now turned to gospel as Minister Marion Hall.

With her Bible in hand, Spice said the friendship turned sour as fans and bloggers fuelled rumours that she (Spice) wanted to take Hall's place as the then queen of dancehall.

Spic added that people are also trying to pit her against Shenseea, which she refuses to entertain.

Tired of being labelled a bully, Spice said she has played her part in uplifting female entertainers, and even referenced the 2013 all-female Gal Click rhythm that she produced which features Macka Diamond, Stacious and Stylish.

Contrary to D'Angel's claim, Spice reiterated she did not beg her to do any collaboration, and showed screenshots of a direct message sent by D'Angel in October 2016 asking her to contact her sister as she wanted to work with her.

According to the Needle Eye deejay, she was at the peak of her career at the time with the success so So Mi Like It, and had no need to beg D'Angel for a collaboration

"A six million views the song get pon my page and it get 100,000 pon your page that's why mi ago tek it off my page and yuh need fi stop perform the song," she said. "Tek it out of your set completely and forget bout dah bad person yah."

Responding to D'Angel's claim that she has a botched body, Spice said "Yuh nuh memba seh a di same body yuh seh botched and mi haffi do, mi tek and put inna video beside a yuh? Yuh never memba dat? Yuh never memba seh a me same one tek up mi $200,000 and give yuh fi shoot video?" she asked.

Spice then played voice notes of D'Angel begging her to perform on several shows with her and to do advertisements. One of which stated:

"Spice beg you one ads deh, yuh nah fi call nuh artiste name, cause mi know you not going to call da gentleman name deh so just give me one ads a big up me pon me birthday and all these things and yuh sorry yuh nah go deh here but yaa show me love and all these things."

Another said: "Mi just a beg you a date, any date inna April you can come and give half an hour, that would be a lifetime gift from yuh, mi rate yuh, mi know yuh a big top act and yuh worth millions but a me a beg you a date inna April, May, June, July, August, September to December it nuh matter, pick one of them. Thank you in advance. Love you girl."

Spice assured fans she would not be engaging in a back and forth battle with D'Angel, and just wants to move on with a clear conscience.

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