Old School Dancehall Trip to honour Bogle

January 08, 2019

A new event has been created to capture the attention of persons who crave to know more about Jamaica's dance culture and dancehall.

Old School Dancehall Trip, a 12-day workshop and tour, is set for January 12 to 24 at the famed Roses Corner in St Andrew.

The event is tied to the memorial of Gerald 'Bogle' Levy's death.

Bogle, who was killed 14 years ago, has been proclaimed the 'Dancehall Master', rising to popularity with dance moves like 'Bogle', 'Worl' Dance', 'Urkle' and 'Willie Bounce'.

Dancers like Lonsdale 'Boysie' Guy says, "There is no other like Bogle."

Boysie has been working to carry on the legacy of Bogle who would have turned 55 this August.

"I remain dedicated to him. Bogle helped my life, changed my life and possibly saved my life and I am forever grateful for all he did for me," Boysie told The STAR.

He added that the impact that Bogle aka Mr Wacky had on his development as a person and a dancer influenced his decision to use the rest of his life to share the knowledge the dancer imparted on him.

Boysie is partnering with Joanna Sjovall, known in entertainment circles as Joanna Enough, to host the event.

They will teach persons the basics of dance within the cultural and musical space. But participants will also be exposed to Jamaica's scenery and nightlife.

"It is about learning nothing but old school dance moves, that is, those moves Bogle created from then till now and the history which will be given through lectures from Bogle's colleagues who were there before me," says Boysie, who also notes that eight, three-hour intensive dance sessions will be led by him.

In between classes, participants will be taken on excursions to Bogle's grave site, home and have one-on-one talks with his relatives and friends. All of these are wrapped into one package which includes accommodation, transportation and a ticket to the deceased dancer's memorial party on January 19. The tour has been completely booked out.

The dance instructor/choreographer says the feedback has been remarkable.

"Most of the persons who have signed up do not usually have the time to learn old school techniques the right way because of all the excitement surrounding the new generation of dancers and dance movements," he said.

He hopes that he can continue the dancehall trip annually with additional attractions.

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