Entertainment industry on the climb - Kingston mayor

January 18, 2019
Kingston Mayor Delroy Williams

Mayor of Kingston Senator Delroy Williams is upbeat about the impact that the entertainment industry has made on the economy of the municipality.

However, from the mayor's perspective, the term 'entertainment' may be too limiting to represent the various sectors that saw growth in 2018.

He believes that the entire creative industry is tapped by entertainment and so has breathed new life into the space. Across the municipality, traditional dancehall sessions, an increasing number of soca-themed events, and stage shows are staple happenings.

Music remains a pillar feature in Williams' creative conglomerate, but he has included developments in other areas.

"The creative industry on a whole is growing, and it takes on many sectors - for example, advertising. There are increases in that arena," Williams told The WEEKEND STAR.

The mayor commends the emerging generation of event promoters. He believes that because of clever promotions tactics and fresh advertising approaches spurn action within the patron population.

"The generation of promoters emerging across the country are creating products that are appealing to young people and middle-aged adults. It's a wide cross section of the population. They are putting more imagination into products that are appealing to more persons. They are tailoring their products to suit the demands. They are putting a lot of thought into events," he said. "Breakfast parties for us, a few years ago, we'd never heard of it."

Additionally, increased events and promotions have created employment opportunities. He also noted that there are significant benefits to other businesses, including bars and beverage producers.

Williams said that there are studies under way into entertainment activities across the globe. Though incomplete, the mayor claims that there have been measurable developments.

"We are capitalising on the momentum and will start with the launch of Reggae Month in Kingston later this month. Kingston is a creative city of music, and downtown is the home of reggae. As a city, we plan to capitalise on this and position the city to benefit from international interests," he said.

According to the mayor, the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation will make presentations of the key to the city of Kingston to reggae icons this year.

He also plans to look into the development of the local film industry.

"Things do well overseas, like movies. That's a sector we have to pay some attention. There's a market out there to three million Jamaicans out there living in foreign cities," he said.

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