STAR on the Rise: Quban ready to put pedal to the metal

January 24, 2019

After eight years in the business, Quban Mafia, otherwise called Quban, intends to make 2019 his breakout year.

As the singjay puts it: “For 2019, music lovers can expect a lot of good songs for all crowds. Quban Mafia going all out. Pedal to the metal.”

The artiste, whose given name is Ludwig N’Dalla, has always had a passion for music. In fact, he wrote his first song at the age of seven, entitledReality, and since then he has been writing and performing.

“I’ve always wanted to be an artiste. I have this love and passion for music. And then there is this joy I get from entertaining, and the energy I get from the audience. It gives me a sense of accomplishment, which drives me to be the best version of me as an artiste. And with a veteran like Peter Metro motivating and encouraging me every step of the way, I knew it was just up, up, up for me,” Quban declared.

In September 2011, he released his debut professional single titled‘5 Grand’ on the Jefe De Musica Production label.

“The $5,000 note was just released, and when I saw it I just started writing – ‘system pop down; monopoly money dem a hand down; dem really tek the nation fi clown; that’s why poor people ca’an stop frown’,” he related.

After that, Quban started dropping singles on rapid fire, all original written by him. Among themTru Things andHot Gal for Excedus Production;Hustle,Dash Weh Di Belly andNuh Stray for Jefe De Musica Production; andBelieve for Ansel Fantarnish Records.

“My songs are mostly reality, factual, informative, educational, inspirational and an expression of my many moods and encounters. I deliver a mixture, as my aim is to please the different masses from all walks of life,” he said.

“I like to always be flexible, versatile in style and lyrics, able to deliver a pleasing performance for any crowd.”

Over the years, Quban has graced a number of stages, including Little Ochie Seafood Festival, Jungle Fyah Anniversary and Junior Cat Bash, electrifying fans with his energetic performance and catchy, down-to-earth lyrics.

Believe is my most popular song to date. It is very inspirational. The chorus goes ‘believe in yourself and try; the limit is the sky so fly; meditation style; anything yu wan fi achieve yu fi pree sky-high’,” Quban said.

He added: “I tell people all the time, you only have one life, so live it to the fullest and try to fulfil your dreams. Some of the best talents were never shown, but are buried in the Earth. Don’t let that happen to you. Make your dreams a reality”.

“So for me, I plan to be the best version of me – to be a great entertainer, educator, motivator and also be a voice for the people. My ultimate dream is to make it to the highest platform, like a Madison Square Garden in New York, and have the joy of millions of fans sing my songs with me.”


‘Reality’; Tru Things and Hot Gal for Excedus Production; 5 Grand, Hustle, Dash Weh Di Belly and Nuh Stray for Jefe De Musica Production; and Believe for Ansel Fantarnish Records.



Love for music, my love to entertain and perform, energy from the fans when I perform, encouragement from family and friends, and especially the motivation and support I get from Peter Metro.



I do electrical/electronic engineering; I come from a mixed race – my father is French and my mother is Spanish.

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